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The OT prophets often wept as they saw the sin of the people. This is not the ritual of the confessional but the reality of seeing our sin as God sees it and being truly contrite about it. Meekness is defined as courteous, considerate, gentle or humble. Jesus could be gentle to those who were in need but he threw the traders out of the temple and called the nations religious leaders hypocrites and white-washed tombs. Hardly the words of a wimp.

Meekness is not weakness, but power under control.


A simple test can be done to see how meek I really am. Do I mind telling people what a sinner I am? Do I mind them telling me what a sinner I am? That is not so easy, the old pride raises its ugly head. Jesus is saying in my kingdom rather than be pushed out you will inherit.

As gentleness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit then meekness should be ever more evident in the lives of those who claim to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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The Kingdom of God

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See how different they are. Blessed are the pushers, for they get on in the world.

Blessed are the hard-boiled, for they never let life hurt them. Blessed are they who complain, for they get their way in the end. Blessed are the slave-drivers, for they get results.

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Blessed are the trouble makers, for they make people notice them. Scholarly opinion is divided on the question as to whether Jesus taught that the Kingdom had actually arrived during his lifetime. Nevertheless, he seems to have expected the final consummation in a relatively short time Mark Thus, Christians were perplexed when the end of the world did not occur within a generation, as Paul, for example, expected. Thus, though the phrase Kingdom of God was used with decreasing frequency, that for which it stood was thought of as partly realized here and now in the life of the church, which at various periods has been virtually identified with the Kingdom; the Kingdom of God, however, would be fully realized only after the end of the world and the accompanying Last Judgment.

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The Johannine writings in the New Testament played a large part in the transition to this traditional Christian understanding of the Kingdom of God. Kingdom of God. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

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