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A half-hearted sinus infection? However, my beautiful daughter Lauren came to visit yesterday to make me feel better. And also to do her laundry. So I showed her the cartoon. That, of course, made Lauren think of something she came across, which she showed me, and it made me laugh out loud and feel a lot better. This is the only proof I need that God has a sense of humor.

Lauren and I recommend the following when you need a good laugh and a better state of mind!

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Just click on the bright pink item and it will link you to the site. Conception is an allegory to new birth, fetal life represents our life on earth, and birth is analogous to Every 21 Seconds. Every 21 Seconds, someone is affected by a traumatic brain injury. Every 21 Seconds, a Every 21 Seconds, a CEO, a preschool teacher, a next-door neighbor endures a life-altering injury. For Brian Sweeney—a father, a successful businessman—a fun-filled weekend with lifelong friends evolved into a Arnold Harvey II endured a brutal stabbing that le him paralyzed from the chest down.

Every Decision Matters leads the reader through the initial shock of the event, the recovery process, and the drastic downfall he experienced from making bad Fighting the Fog. When Melanie ""Mel"" Alexander becomes a widow at age thirty after her Green Beret husband is killed in action, her life is immediately engulfed in a black fog.

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In this darkness, she quits her promising career as a special agent In My Father's Footsteps. Memoirs of a Bygone Era. The sculpt and paint job is amazing for something hand-made. I love the details especially the horn and the hooves.

I think Sparkles has Rabies! Which is this really far-out-there story about a racing unicorn from the Leprechaun Dimension. He ends up getting too much performance-enhancing drugs for this race. In the Leprechaun Universe, luck is outlaw. But he gets this Lucky Pills and the leprechauns gave him too much and he overheard the leprechauns talking about how the humans worship Meg Ryan. I was at the Intake.

CS:GO - CRAZIEST Flick Shots!

I did a lot of chart review, I did a lot of the group homes and it was just a stressful job. So I ended up starting a comic book company with my cousin with a childhood dream who grew up reading Marvel. We really love comics so much that we collected the Wizard Journal and Wizard Magazine. This was our dream.

He was an artist and I was the writer. Grow up. But now my grown-up job was saying you should be into art as a stress reliever.

Dear Sparkles: Will God Hear My Prayers? – My April Showers Bring May Flowers

Now he kinda jumped to my next question by telling this amazing story of how things really started. I was complaining to a FilAm friend of mine. He suggested that I hire his cousin who lived in the Philippines. He had never been to the Philippines. You should hire him. And before I knew it, for less than I was paying my cousin who was charging me an arm and a leg, I actually had 5 amazing artists that have like backgrounds of Marvel, Hanna-Barbera, actually working for Pockets Fulla Pillz.